Feathered Warrior


  • The Bald Eagle is an enormous bird. Their wings are wide and long for soaring and can span more than 2 m. When perched, the bird measures about 76 cm tall. Weights of over 7 kg are not uncommon. On average, females are larger than males. Bald Eagles that breed in the southern United States are smaller than those that breed farther north.

    Males and females have identical plumage. Adults have a dark brown body that contrasts sharply with the white feathers on the head and tail, the yellow beak, eyes, and legs. It takes a young Bald Eagle four or five years to achieve this distinctive coloration. Until then, bird watchers may confuse it with other birds, such as the Turkey Vulture and Golden Eagle.

    To kill and handle prey, Bald Eagles have massive beaks, large talons, and oversized feet equipped with small spikes, called spicules.

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