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Have to love the quick shipping! As a Blue Jays fan, these pieces should be on your wall. Each with their own spin on the game but also the concept and great detail make it hard not to smile and start a conversation. Thanks Doug, really enjoy these.



Fantastic Images

We ordered three of these shortly before Christmas hoping they would arrive in time. Not only did they arrive with three days to spare each of the calendars was actually signed!
You people are simply amazing! Thanks!



The calendar is a

piece of art!

I ordered 4 of these as gifts for Christmas.
The recipients were gobsmacked as they had never seen a calendar featuring artwork of this caliber.
It truly is something to behold.

Thanks for making Christmas a hit!



Love this

I love Doug's work and the Blue Jays - I bought this and brought it with me to the Blue Jays fantasy baseball camp in Dunedin and had all of the alumni coaches sign the back for me. Items displayed with fondness amidst my memorabilia



Excellent Gifts.


Can't believe it's

not a photo!

I asked my clients to pick out their favourite Stirring Image as a gift for their many years of support to my business.  They were excited by all of the unique images but told me they were blown away when they received their gift. They couldn't believe the images were prints or that they were drawn by hand! Doug and Jim have done a superb job in creating the most unique Blue Jay fan art ever.  Thanks guys!





U don't have 2 B a

baseball fan 2 like it

I received 1 of the calendars as a gift & I love it. It's 1 beautiful image 4 each month. If U still need a calendar, I recommend that U check out this 1 out. U don't have 2 B a baseball fan 2 like it. #BlueJaysBeauty



‘Smiley Face”

I LOVE this print!  So adorable, it's my favorite!




You really have to see this in person to FULLY appreciate the detail and beauty. You guys outdid yourselves on this one!!



What a unique

piece of art!

I've never seen such fine detail and beauty in art! This piece brings so much peace and calmness into the room, it's my all time favorite!



I want them all!

There is some real talent in the artist that made these, now I need the entire set!




There is so much beautiful detail that's hard to see online, once I got my order, I was blown away! Go Blue Jays!




Wait until you see these images up close, mind-blowing! Also, shipping is very quick, thank you guys so much. :)




Beautifully done!



Rookies - Lol.

I get it!

I don't know why nobody has thought to do this before!  I was looking for gifts that aren't just another Blue Jay logo and these are not just clever the detail is unbelievable.



I can smell

the leather!

I received this as a Christmas gift and it blew my mind! I had a glove just like this one when I was a kid.  I don't know how he did it, but Doug caught every wear mark and scar.  It looks so real that I think I can smell the leather.  The series is a brilliant idea and the names are cool.



Neat idea

I have never seen such a cool idea for a calendar.  Most Blue Jays gifts are just something with a logo, but this is so unique.  I hope the Blue Jays organization grabs up this brilliant idea.

I especially like the poppy image in November for the veterans. Great work guys!



My fave

This picture really is stunning.  I wish I could afford the original, but until then, I have the medium size print over my bar to tease me.  It is super-cool.  I loved watching Barry on the field with the players.  His interviews were interesting and now that he is Outta The Park, I love the direction he has taken.  These guys have created an excellent tribute to our team and to Barry.



Stirringly realistic

I'm fortunate enough to have all 9 innings displayed in my studio. Each one is gorgeous, with such incredible detail. To think these were all pencil drawn is mind-blowing. Do yourself a favour and grab some of these amazing Blue Jays.



Simply Outstanding

I'm so proud to have this beautiful picture hanging on my way. As the host of a show called Outta The Park, how can I not have it. Once again, artist Doug Comeau went above and beyond with his exquisite detail...all from a pencil!! If you live in Toronto, or simply love the skyline, make sure you pick this amazing drawing up for yourself. 




I've never seen anything like the detail in all of Stirring Images art pieces, these guys are truly gifted! Don't cut yourself short, order all innings. :)