Care for your Print

The long life of these high-quality inks and archival paper means your print should last two or more generations with proper care.

Recommended Handling Instructions Upon Receipt

Be very careful when opening the package to reveal the print.  Do not touch the Giclee image at all.  The delicate inks are velvet in nature and susceptible to scratching or blemishing, even with the lightest touch. Make arrangements to have your new print properly framed as soon as possible and keep the prints covered at all times using the package it was delivered in until then.  Ensure you store the package in a safe and dry place and avoid stacking anything on top.

Suggested Framing Procedure

To create high quality fine art capable of stirring emotions, each piece must be unique.  It is precisely because they are unique that Stirring Images refuse to fit into a standard box.  That is why your Giclee print is a custom size.

We highly recommended that you consult your local framer and ask for advice on conservation framing.  To get the best presentation and life from your new print, ensure that the framing products; mat, backing, print mounting and glass are conservation quality.  The glass is the most important feature in your preserving your artwork and should be rated for ultraviolet (UV) light protection.

NEVER let glass touch the surface of the print.

Hanging Your Artwork

When hanging your artwork, ensure it is located in a space that is out of direct sunlight.  This will help to prevent a multitude of damages, especially due to heat.

For a more comprehensive look into the protection of a Giclee print, printing process and conservation framing explore the internet with any question you might have.  If you are still looking for answers or advice, please feel free to Contact us.