Visual Metaphor

10th Inning - Outta The Park

  • "Everyone else shows you the player, the celebrity; we introduce you to the person."  Barry Davis

    The Outta The Park series of shows takes extraordinary people off the big stage to reveal the motives and inspirations that make them human and relatable.  No other show makes you feel like you really know these celebs.  It's like listening to your friends, casually hanging out and discussing life.

    Designed with only a pencil specially for Outta The Park with Barry Davis (and Matt The Producer!), Doug has created a subtle, stunning piece that captures the true essence of the work they do.  Toronto, the celebrity, becomes Toronto the small baseball town.  Instead of the overwhelming 'in-your-face' barrage of lights and glitter, this image speaks softly and directly to the heartbeat of what make fans so excited about Baseball.

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