Visual Metaphor

5th Inning - Fly Ball

  • For those who keep their eyes on the prize.

    This is the one that started it all! When Doug was looking for his next project, his daughter suggested he draw another bird, reminding him how much everyone loves all of his other bird drawings. When he decided on the Blue Jay, this image just shouted "Put a baseball in his talons!" Fly Ball was only half done when Jim saw it and his mind exploded with images! A hundred possible concepts came into focus and he began to stammer trying to get them all out as Doug just smiled. The same thing had happened to him already.

    This image features a blue jay that was photographed in the exact position that Doug has drawn it - nothing about the bird has been altered. Each reference photograph was chosen because of the natural fit between the image of the bird and the concept being drawn. We truly hope that you will enjoy this Stirring Image as much as we have enjoyed bringing it to you.

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